We are generally more interested in what business leaders do, than what they do not. We try to structure their dos into our habits and ideologies and follow them to reap success of our own. However, we seem to forget that knowing what they do is just half of the map, while the other half lies in understanding what they actively avoid doing. This is actually a set of safety measures gathered from experiences deriving from their business careers or knowledge extracted from other business entities. So, learning about what they avoid doing can complete your business operation method and make you better at leading businesses.

Try Taking on Individual Assignments

Every business idea is multi-layered. And precise assessment, calculation, and work execution is required on each of its layers, to reach from inception to its fruition. It is more complex than it sounds. And although, as a business leader it is your responsibility to see that the idea has enough chance of transforming the world, leading your business to success, shouldering assignments in all of its entirety is not the right move.

Successful business leaders avoid taking on all the responsibility of an assignment. A leader’s position allows him/her bird’s eye view on the whole operation/multiple operations, and that is the best way he/she can operate, guide, and lead to success. Getting into solving individual assignments skews the vision of the big-picture and leaves no one to supervise the business operations. Therefore, it is important to avoid getting into solving individual assignments (you can give suggestions though) to maintain operational integrity of your business.

Skip On Creating a Backup Plan

Successful business leaders never skip on creating a backup plan. There will always be threat of unknown risks to your product, service or business ventures, and that is the truth of today’s highly competitive and evolving trading arcade.

Therefore, successful leaders always invest time in developing an alternate plan. It helps in stabilizing business foothold even after a botched enterprise.



Business leaders never fall prey to procrastination. Leaders understand that the current business environment doesn’t really offer second chance at becoming successful. Taking the initiative is the only way to survive in this business, otherwise your ideas, plans would be too late to bring out the result you expected.

If your goals are too far out in the future, you must create smaller goals/milestones to avoid procrastination, just as business leaders do. These smaller goals will keep you appraised of your business performance and help you maintain alignment with your goals.



Take a Decision without Market Research

Vincent van Gogh said- “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”, and although, modern business leaders take bold actions in pursuit of their dreams, they do so with proper care.

Regardless of how convincing a business plan is and how secure it seems through your eyes, to become a successful business leader, you need to conduct proper market analysis before committing to the venture. It may waste a bit of time, but making the right decision is more important (when a lot is at stake), than making the first one (and probably the wrong one).

Following a Manuscript

Last but not the least, business leaders avoid following manuscript in running business. Sure, you can gather knowledge and use lessons to create your own business operating guidelines. But, replicating tried and tested methods will only bring mediocrity and shut the door to identifying/pursuing new business ventures.

It seems quite challenging to become a business leader. And it is. But, it is what every entrepreneur aspire to be, as the world needs them to lead the market towards the new of everything.









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