Solar Can Run On Collaboration Not Competition


The rising tide of growth that Indian solar sector resembles has promised to shift the weight of poverty, unemployment and social-cultural asymmetrical growth from India’s shoulder, willing an energy rich future into reality. Quite decisively, Indian Government has devised plans for leveraging this opportunity. Continue reading

Investing To Make Cities Smarter, Is Investment for a Secure Future


blog pic 1Our cities are the physical embodiment of the largest and definitely, the most complex social engineering feat we have ever accomplished, symbolizing our social, political, economic, and cultural growth. From the very beginning, cities have been the centre of development, welcoming change, offering opportunities, and spreading (social, economic, political, and now technological) growth throughout the world. With this continued technological growth, the idea of smart cities came to life, adding transparency and perfection to the image we now have for our future cities. Acceleration of innovation in technology has promised the enhanced quality of life through IT interconnectivity, personal and social development. Continue reading



The world is preoccupied today! We are too engrossed thinking about the minute details of our lives, trying to make everything better, and more convenient. However, in the process, we seem to have missed how parts of our social structure are falling apart. The population is rising more than ever (expected to reach 7.5 billion in 2017), and our social structure is failing to substantiate a promising life for the growing community. Unemployment has become a mammoth issue. In 2016, 197.7 million people globally, 38.6 million people in developed countries, and 143.4 million people in emerging countries were unemployed. And in 2017, the unemployment rate is expected to rise (5.7 to 5.8 per cent) by another 3.4 million. A grave economic situation, which is ballooning with no real solution in view! Continue reading