China’s Solar Top Runner Program and What India Can Learn From It!

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India’s recent success in reaching 10 GW of on-grid solar capacity has made the 100 GW by 2022 target a bit closer than before. India has done an incredible job improving, implementing, and acting on- mandating solar installation in Government buildings, net metering, leadership in International Solar Alliance, provisioning viability gap funding, raising tax free solar bonds, offering long tenure loans, aggressive ‘Solar Park’ development and other initiatives, generating momentum which helped India add 5 GW capacity in 2016 itself.  Continue reading

4 Ways to Make Climate Improvement Actions More Effective


Our blue and green world now wears a greyish hue. The CO2 blanket that envelopes the world constantly threatens to alter and eventually decimate the life-sustaining qualities of the climate. Effects of climate change are no longer subtle. Frequent wildfires, shifting habitat, prolonged heat waves, the spread of disease, stronger storms, melting arctic ice cap, and raising sea levels are hinting towards the future that we will have to endure (or might not be able to endure after all) if we continue on this path. Continue reading

Super yet, Simple Ways to Stay Motivated



Sure as an entrepreneur or business veteran, you would know how to push yourself to achieve goals. Pushing, challenging, or sometimes even coercing yourself to break the boundary and do more can offer expected results. But, to go beyond mere expectations and do miracles, requires motivation. What is motivation really? Is it just repeating ‘I have to do this or I can do this’ in your mind to keep yourself focused? Or is it something else entirely?

Motivation is a hunger that can drive you through emotional triggers to achieve the unachievable. It is what separates leaders from the herd, best from the rest, you from all the others out there. Sounds like something divine, and it is! However, to switch it on, you need more than just focus. Continue reading



The world is preoccupied today! We are too engrossed thinking about the minute details of our lives, trying to make everything better, and more convenient. However, in the process, we seem to have missed how parts of our social structure are falling apart. The population is rising more than ever (expected to reach 7.5 billion in 2017), and our social structure is failing to substantiate a promising life for the growing community. Unemployment has become a mammoth issue. In 2016, 197.7 million people globally, 38.6 million people in developed countries, and 143.4 million people in emerging countries were unemployed. And in 2017, the unemployment rate is expected to rise (5.7 to 5.8 per cent) by another 3.4 million. A grave economic situation, which is ballooning with no real solution in view! Continue reading