Sure as an entrepreneur or business veteran, you would know how to push yourself to achieve goals. Pushing, challenging, or sometimes even coercing yourself to break the boundary and do more can offer expected results. But, to go beyond mere expectations and do miracles, requires motivation. What is motivation really? Is it just repeating ‘I have to do this or I can do this’ in your mind to keep yourself focused? Or is it something else entirely?

Motivation is a hunger that can drive you through emotional triggers to achieve the unachievable. It is what separates leaders from the herd, best from the rest, you from all the others out there. Sounds like something divine, and it is! However, to switch it on, you need more than just focus.

Pursue A Legacy Not Currency

Sure currency is one of the primary goals for people to establish and evaluate success. However, real motivation comes from inside your mind, from a part that stimulates happiness and peace. So, associating it with something that makes you feel content, can keep you motivated all the way through life. Pursuing a legacy instead of just currency can help you feel happy. Being the man with a cause can mould your perspective as well, and help you think big, setting you apart from the rest.

Set Your Goals Carefully

Unachievable is not the right word in business. Every goal is achievable, but you have to give yourself appropriate time to reach one. Progressive businesses can wither and die off if one tries to achieve long-term goals in a compressed time frame. Setting up a goal and failing to reach it can also break confidence and let frustration seep into a growing business structure. So, what you need is careful planning to understand which are short term goals and which are long term ones. You can make weekly checks to identify your progress as well. Your goal setting can be an asset for you to stay motivated all the time.


Reward Yourself

Work. Work. Work. That is never really the way of staying motivated. Staying motivated is a balanced system of work and rest, which keeps you energized, brings new ideas, and allows you to take the efforts up a notch after each recess. Resting does mean staying off the work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot use this time to stay motivated. To do this, you need to plan your rest after reaching a business goal, and use the rest to reward yourself on your achievements. Go to places, enjoy your favourite treats, or spend time with family, do whatever that makes you happy as a reward for achieving a business goal. This will make you feel successful, and associate happiness right after a win (small or large does not matter), which can help you double your efforts happily.

Smiling In The Face of Frustration

Nurturing a business, or growing one out of thin air is not an easy job. And there will be hardships as well as failures. Being swept by the negative emotions can shake your beliefs and push you astray from your path of motivation. So, try to have an open mind and accept failure just as well as a win, cause ‘every failure is a learning opportunity in disguise’. Do not harp on what you have missed or lost, just take lessons from it, and then move on to execute the next goal in sight.

Use Time Wisely

Just staying motivated is not enough to achieve goals. You also need to make plans and start executing them within the decided time frame. How wisely you can use your time, will ultimately decide how well you fare in your business competition. In order to use your time wisely, you need to eliminate distractions. Things that pull your mind off the job, needs to be far away from you. Do not think of it as punishment. Think of the distractions as carrot, and only allow yourself to indulge in them after reaching a target. This way you can stay motivated, far from distractions, and use your time to improve your business.


Pick Ways to Ground Fleeting Motivation

Yes it happens. It happens to even the best of business veterans and gifted entrepreneurs. Everyone gets off the track (motivation) once in a while! If they did not, you would not need strategies to root your motivation down to your core. However, it is not a huge problem. All you need is to think of some ways to get yourself back in the warm and fuzzy comfort of motivation, away from the blizzard of confusion that can mess everything up with your business plans.

You can ask yourself questions like- ‘if not you, then who? If not now, when?’ It will remind you that you are pursuing a legacy, trying to make a change in the world. It would define the worth of all your hard work and help you to get back on the horse because you still have ‘miles to go before you sleep!’

So, in a nutshell, staying motivated is being aware of your limitations, and finding ways to keep the ‘big picture’ in front of you to always move forward.



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