The current pandemic has disrupted our orderly lives and threatened our future. It has put familiar words like safety, security to question and has forced us into an unpredictable and unfamiliar situation. At this moment, COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat and has to be considered as such. However, at this time it is equally important for us to re-assess the wide range of unpleasant emotions including fear, worry, doubt, frustration, and anger that we are experiencing right now and make positive efforts to be helpful in this crisis.

It Is an Ideology


Making yourself matter! Is actually linked with one’s understanding of the world and their place in it. Therefore, I believe, comprehending how one is connected with the world comes first. To me, the human world is a single community stretched across the surface of the planet, each learning and aiding the other to flourish. Yes, there are disparities and most of them are manmade, but through tragedies like the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that how each of us impacts other’s lives.

So, in a nutshell, making yourself matter is all about making sustainable decisions and actions to impact everyone positively. Now, enacting such an initiative in a crisis like the one we are facing now, presents a lot of paths to take. And taking these paths not only solves the world’s problems a little but offers personal growth as well.

Put the Crisis in Perspective


Understanding the danger and following preventive measures logically without panicking has to be the next step forward. You cannot do any good for others if your actions and judgements are clouded in fear or superstition. Generally, when a crisis strikes we instinctively focus on its impact on ourselves. It is very natural. However, those of us who have the option to be useful and impact other’s life positively in a crisis, must break their shell of fear and take actions.

To start making the right decisions, we must look towards the future, keeping the current scenario in perspective. Mapping out a safe and sustainable future will give you hope and inspire you and your community to fight to better the present condition.

Keep In Touch With Your Community

Governments across the world have enforced social distancing and lockdown to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. These have been effective stances, however, they have put a barrier between ourselves and our community members. I believe you have to be deeply connected with your community to know the right step to bring in positive changes. Therefore, you have to find ways to stay connected with your community during this challenging time. Using digital channels can be helpful in this case without spreading the disease further.

Knowing your community closely and lending them a hand in need is a way of making yourself matter!

Lend a Hand to the Non-Profit Org


Non-profit organizations have sprung into action with the Government divisions to stop the spread of the virus and to improve living standards of people in need during this time. I believe, that those of us in a position to make a significant positive difference bear the larger responsibility to lend a hand to these organizations for faster relief from the current scenario.

However, the understanding that we all are bound by a single thread within our worldwide community, makes us responsible to take positive actions as well. And I feel that, if we all join hands to help people in need during a crisis, tragedies can be averted with ease.

Therefore, the understanding that we all are bound by a single thread within our worldwide community and acting on it is actually making yourself matter!

Taking Sustainable Steps to Future


Whoever we are and wherever we are in life and career, if we consider our actions keeping the current scenario and its impact on the world, we can truly build a sustainable future. As I have said already, I believe that those of us in a better position to support and impact the worldwide community in a positive manner should move forward, take bold actions, and lead the world out of this crisis. However, I am also certain that inspiring, encouraging, and offering people awareness can endow them with the understanding of ‘how they are a part of the world community’. And this will mark the beginning of the worldwide revolution for a change!

I believe, through this revolution, everyone in the community will find a way to make themselves matter!

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