The fear of the people when our country’s corona count was 100, is not there when it is over 200,000 today.

The answer lies in the psychological view of man. There is a philosophy called the *”Kupler Rose Model”.* That is, when a human goes through any tragedy, natural disaster, accident, they pass through 5 stages. They are-







1. *Denial* – Refusal to believe such a thing ever happened. For example, we all denied that Corona will come to us. Even it comes, repeated denial that it will not spread to our place due to hot climatic conditions.


2. *Anger* – Getting angry. For example, anger over the loss of income and the loss of normal life due to lockdown.


3. *Bargain* – Inwardly lamenting that the Corona may not have come had there been a lockdown since early days.


4. *Depression* – It happened and got people to go into depression.


5. *Acceptance* – the last stage. The other way around is to accept it. Example: used to live with Corona.


These 5 levels are not limited to Corona. Applies to all the problems in human life.


*What will the wise person do ?*

Going straight from the first level to the fifth level he will *set to make next steps to progress in life.*


*He who is trapped without reaching the fifth stage becomes mentally ill*

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