In the midst of understanding and navigating through this ‘new normal’ we are often faced with the question on how we can enhance the business performance to re-start the world and what new strategic approach should we consider implementing for progress.

Sure, there needs to be agile and responsible changes within the organization to protect teams and resources while moving ahead to create or satisfy demand. However, the first step towards this transition has to be through renewing our understanding of teams’ importance in achieving goals and success in any circumstances.

Understanding what is important

In my opinion, operational strategies, business ethics, technological upgradation, and customer service solutions only work when they are empowered by a motivated team. It clearly means that your team is the core of your business, and will determine business trajectory. Therefore, while you are thinking about how to bring new transition to your business, the centre of that idea has to involve emphasizing skills and offering training to your team to enhance performance; redesigning how we set goals and rewarding your team on small wins to build up confidence.

In a nutshell, focusing on the growth of your team is important to coordinate and align them towards changing business goals, to inspire and instil trust, and to enable your workforce to evolve and face new challenges head on.

How to ensure teams growth?

As a business leader, it is your responsibility to invest time and effort in ensuring your teams’ growth. Growth is an ever expanding journey, therefore, your strategies have to have long term focus and goals have to change consistently to keep your teams updated. However, the core ideologies that will drive these strategies or goals can remain static, as the foundation of your business. Let us identify these core ideologies.

Inspire your team

I always believed that one of my primary jobs as a leader is to inspire my team to overachieve. I felt that if I believed my team to be able to do exceptional things, they would be able to believe in that as well. It is the best way to motivate your team to push beyond traditional sense of win or success. You have to understand that with proper training and motivation, a team can rise above any challenge if the business goal is about more than just profit and loss. Therefore, focus on finding that ‘key reason’ behind your business choices and connect it with individual growth of your team members and you will see phenomenal dedication in your team to scale higher than ever.

Follow ‘Train and Recognition’ process

Training is important to re-skill your human resource. Yes, it is an investment, but it will help you get much higher returns than any other business strategy as it will power all other operations to achieve desired goals. Just enabling or preparing your team to excel is not enough. You also need to recognize your teams’ wins to build their confidence and to motivate them further. Recognition is acceptance of growth, which often psychologically plays a much bigger role than the actual growth itself.

Communicate with your team

Leadership is about communicating, coaching, and guiding the team ahead. Communicating your vision, choices, and voicing your understanding of your teams’ efforts will offer your team the opportunity to learn, develop, innovate, and transform. As a leader you will have the ‘bigger picture’ in sight. Conveying this to the team will help them understand the hurdles ahead and build a stronger connection between you and your team as you move to find a solution together. Communication will help in letting your team feel valued, which is the primary objective of good leadership. Also, always remember that, leading the team involves learning from the team. Keep a transparent to and fro flow of communication alive to see and nurture growth within your team.

A growing team is a performing team. Now that we all know the importance of focusing on a teams’ growth and how it determines success or failure of a business, let us all focus on finding best ways to lead our teams towards consistent growth.

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