Importance of emerging roof top sector in new tariff regime/ Insight into India’s Roof Top Market

Solar growth in India in recent years has been phenomenal. India became the 2nd largest solar power market in the world in terms of deployment after overtaking United States in the first half of 2018. The country currently has ~25 GW of installed grid connected solar capacity, and most of it comes from large scale solar projects which accounts for 87% installations, while rooftop nearly accounts for 11% installations. Although, Indian Rooftop solar sector has also shown incredible growth trajectory showing 72-113% y-o-y growth from 2016 to recent years. It is still standing with only 3 GW of installed capacity (out of 40 GW target). Although, there are challenges, the recent policy deviations stand as the biggest hurdle in front of Indian rooftop solar growth, which has increased rooftop solar project cost by 20%.

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Don’t Order, but Inspire

Businesses are living organisms given life by the team that tirelessly works towards a goal. With creative people being at the helm of such a venture, new changes in ideas, choices, and actions are given shape each day. This makes each business enterprise as complex as a life: growing, changing, learning and prospering. This characteristic also makes businesses unpredictable. Therefore, success in business always depends on the mutual efforts of the team behind the business, and a leader’s capability to understand his/her teammates.

In such a scenario, a leader is often torn between the ideologies of pushing the team to do more and inspiring the team to excel.

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