It has been nearly 4 months since India has been in lockdown. Although the decision to put India under lockdown was a decisive one to stop the spread of COVID-19, it presented people with something we never faced before on a global scale.

Yes, I am talking about ‘Isolation’. Before the lockdown, we never truly knew how much we wanted to see familiar faces and that there will ever be a time when we will miss making strangers a part of our daily journey. These changing scenarios have created unparalleled experiences that can lead you towards stress, frustration, depression and anxiety. Although these are all normal reactions to changes in life, it is up to us to find a way through these challenges to maintain a sane and productive mind.

Let us try to see how we can achieve that.

Being Open about Feelings


It’s a tough job sometimes to open up to others. As you are potentially making them a part of your life and experiences by sharing. However, look away from your fear of being open and vulnerable and try to understand that coming forward with your needs, ideas, and actions is the only way to find the right method to do things. And by sharing your feelings, you are not becoming weak, but inspiring others to share and understand how to forge stronger bonds with others at the time of crisis. Which is in itself a quite significant life lesson.

Being Active and Healthy


Your reaction to the challenges, the crises, and the changes determine your way into the future. In other words, the agile you are in accepting the challenge or change, the faster you will be able to adapt and win. By saying agile, I mean not just physical agility but psychological tenacity as well. Regular exercise and meditation is a sure-fire way to achieve that. It also keeps you busy, makes you calm, builds discipline and allows you to fall back into a sense of normalcy.

Stay Connected With Yourself


In crises, you have to be aware of the changes in your environment, assess the threat, and make resolutions for safety to thrive. All this is only possible when you are connected with yourself. By following the process of introspection and meditation, you can assess the changes you need to do yourself to adapt to the ‘new normal’. I am not talking about some advanced stage of meditation, and neither this is a manual to become a ‘Yogi’.

What I am saying is to simply understand what changes are unfolding around you and getting in touch with your feelings to experience the range of emotions running through you. It will normalize the situation and raise your acceptance level and the capacity to improve yourself.

Take Pause

Even in a crisis, the world doesn’t stop. It can’t really, because the momentum we have reached as a species and as a community is too strong to be stopped by tragedies. The human desire to achieve greatness has led to growth in our world. However, when facing a crisis, it is important for all of us to take a pause or break to understand where we are going now and what changes do we need to scale new heights. Introspection and understanding inner thoughts can help you deal with the changes and taking a pause can help you acclimate to re-gain your composure without letting stress win.

Ask For Help

Asking for help when feeling low is very normal. As I have said before, being thrown into an unfamiliar situation always brings forth different reactions in people. In such a scenario feeling sad, stressed, and anxious are normal human emotions and should not be repressed or avoided. Because only through accepting our feelings can we assess the situation appropriately and make changes that can positively improve the scenario while maintaining safety and health.


It is true that the lockdown has put some restrictions on our lives. It is also true that this situation has bred strong feelings of confusion, stress, anxiety, and frustration in all of us. However, we need to identify that it is also the best time for us to re-connect with our inner-self to keep ourselves healthy and sane during this time and to improve ourselves to serve and contribute for the betterment of the community.

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