It has been nearly 4 months since India has been in lockdown. Although the decision to put India under lockdown was a decisive one to stop the spread of COVID-19, it presented people with something we never faced before on a global scale.

Yes, I am talking about ‘Isolation’. Before the lockdown, we never truly knew how much we wanted to see familiar faces and that there will ever be a time when we will miss making strangers a part of our daily journey. These changing scenarios have created unparalleled experiences that can lead you towards stress, frustration, depression and anxiety. Although these are all normal reactions to changes in life, it is up to us to find a way through these challenges to maintain a sane and productive mind.

Let us try to see how we can achieve that.

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Transforming the word “Crisis”: From Negative to Positive

Currently, most of us are living in a state of fear, dealing with a crisis that has swept the world in an incredible loss of life and stability. Although countries are now actively working towards prevention and cure of the virus, the real-time updates of doom and gloom can keep us down if we let it.

The tragedy and the pain is there, but we can never forget that as a part of the enduring human society, we bear the great responsibility of leading towards a better future. And for that to happen, we need to keep an optimistic outlook even within this crisis to survive and thrive in the world post-COVID-19.

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Obstacle is the way

The arrival of COVID-19 has thrown us into a life of uncertainty, fear and all of us are experiencing some degree of disruption. In such a scenario, we need to practice hygiene and social distancing to protect ourselves and our community from the viral threat. However, our time in isolation doesn’t have to be gloomy or boring at all. We can use this time apart from our daily lifestyle to improve or enrich ourselves, practising new habits for personal growth.

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Making Yourself Matter in This Crisis

The current pandemic has disrupted our orderly lives and threatened our future. It has put familiar words like safety, security to question and has forced us into an unpredictable and unfamiliar situation. At this moment, COVID-19 pandemic is a serious threat and has to be considered as such. However, at this time it is equally important for us to re-assess the wide range of unpleasant emotions including fear, worry, doubt, frustration, and anger that we are experiencing right now and make positive efforts to be helpful in this crisis.

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