Transforming the word “Crisis”: From Negative to Positive

Currently, most of us are living in a state of fear, dealing with a crisis that has swept the world in an incredible loss of life and stability. Although countries are now actively working towards prevention and cure of the virus, the real-time updates of doom and gloom can keep us down if we let it.

The tragedy and the pain is there, but we can never forget that as a part of the enduring human society, we bear the great responsibility of leading towards a better future. And for that to happen, we need to keep an optimistic outlook even within this crisis to survive and thrive in the world post-COVID-19.

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Finding Path Through Crisis

The fear of the people when our country’s corona count was 100, is not there when it is over 200,000 today.

The answer lies in the psychological view of man. There is a philosophy called the *”Kupler Rose Model”.* That is, when a human goes through any tragedy, natural disaster, accident, they pass through 5 stages. They are-

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