The things we want, the goals we set for ourselves, all come from within. And, our
expectations change continuously. Business leaders and entrepreneurs may sometimes feel that more intensely than others, as they continuously align their own expectations with growing and evolving market demand and choices. Needless to say this creates an environment of stress and anxiety. Often so much that it starts to impact on health negatively. At that moment when work takes a toll on health, it is very natural to contemplate if having higher expectations in life have led to this scenario. However, before deciding to trim your expectations, you need to understand that expectations are not the problem; it is stress that you have to deal with.

Expectations are not the problem
No, they are most certainly not! It is our expectations that lead us towards success. We are hardwired to overreach, and to expect more in life is the only way to make it better. Human civilization would never have scaled this height and the word ‘leader’ would never have been created if we did not think of putting in more work to get better results. So, you should never think of removing or curbing expectations in your life. However, that does not mean that you have to leave with stress day in and out.
To get relief from stress born of expectations, you have to find the primary want behind
your pursuits and remove others. By, saying ‘others’ we mean expectations that are not
your own but imposed upon you by the community, circle of friends, colleagues. These can be trimmed while you focus on your primary ambition and allow it enough space to evolve. Giving other’s expectations, too much space in your life is like fighting at hundred different fronts, which may led to reduce your priority towards your primary goals.

Focus on what YOU want
Figuring out your own expectations from life, depending on your personal and business pursuits and accepting the work that comes with it would help you shed off the excess weight and feel free of stress. We are always influenced by others, often they shape our characters and push us towards reaching our goals. Therefore, it will be challenging for you to identify and strip away expectations that only burden you with unnecessary stress and do not aid in your growth. However, once you have done that, you will know yourself better.

Set achievable goals
After your primary expectations are in sight, you need to simplify your previously complex and tangled path of action. Now, obviously you have envisioned the bigger picture, which your expectations will portray in near future, but it is important to set smaller goals that lead up to that success, to fend off stress. Small goals will allow you to make the right decisions and build your confidence through small but effective an educating wins. Therefore, it is very important that you set small and achievable goals to keep improving and winning in your career and life without stress.

Being a successful business leader or an entrepreneur with a vision, you would have to swim through a sea of challenges. And stress can be your greatest enemy in this journey towards success. However, curbing your expectations from life is not the right way to go about. You need to do a little bit of soul searching to find out the voice of your own needs and leave everything else behind. Having a singular objective can create a simpler path for life, removing stress or anxiety from the equation.SONY DSC

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