Every successful leader understands that success in business comes from team effort. And leaders bear the responsibility to steer the team towards the right path. But how? Is it just instructions, planning, and great speeches that maintain a team’s resolve and keep them focused through elaborate plans to meet gigantic goals? Or there is something else that makes or breaks a team, determining the future of a business organization? Well, actually there are lot of things that play a major role in a company’s ascension, and ‘recognizing/celebrating small victories’ is one of them. Let us see why.

It may sound childish, but we all are to an extent wired to search for meaning in our work at every step. Finding meaning is what fuels our curiosity in things, it makes us more attentive, and to reach for more. Therefore, it is easy to glean from the context that, absence of meaning eventually leads people out of commitment, distorts attention, and takes away curiosity, throwing the team into confusion, leading to failure.

So, it seems that helping your team to find meaning in their work is very helpful for you as a leader to boost the motivation quotient. And the best way to do that is through recognizing and celebrating small victories. Let us discuss on how celebrating small victories can help your business win big in the long run.

Keeping Track of Your Primary Goals

Of course, you have special goals or objectives that you need your team to reach or achieve. However, big wins take meticulous planning, extensive efforts, and constant dedication for a long duration of time. And it is easy for your team to lose track of the primary goals when they are concentrating on their daily assignments day in and out. As a leader you have the bird’s eye view on the primary goals, and you have to understand that each day your team progresses through their assignments, they are inching towards the win that your business idea was developed for.

Therefore, it is very effective if you could invest your time in celebrating small wins of your team, re-informing them that they are doing a great job in moving the business towards the goal. This platform can also help you to reach your team and explain to them what they need to do to improve their efforts for even better results.

For Contrastive Criticism

Celebration of Small victory or wins can also serve as a perfect platform for the leader to motivate the teams. Constructive criticism can be an important and effective tool for the leader to help his/her team understand how to better their approach for faster business growth. However, at times, ‘constructive criticism’ can seem like just plain criticism, de-motivating and destroying the confidence of the team.

If you use this tool during small business win celebrations, it can reach more people without making them question the worth of their hard work. Effectively adding meaning to their work while motivating them to reach for more.

To Take a Break from Work

As we have said before, businesses with elaborate plans to reach great heights require deeply dedicated, connected, and motivated team. And the only thing that can assure that- is the active participation and acceptance of the leader.

As a business leader, it is your duty to manage your resources and identify best candidate for each assignment. However, that is not all. You also need to know the limitations of your team and consider practicing allotting them time for break from work. It would keep your team from reaching the exhaustion point and allow their creativity/productivity quotient to recharge.

Celebrating small business wins can help you cover all of these requirements with ease.

For Assurance

Consistent motivation and appreciation goes a long way in building team confidence and aligning them towards the ‘big picture’. It is a business leader’s best tool to get work done quickly and assuring successful results. Celebrating small wins of your team allows you to do just that. The celebration will send your appreciation to your team and create a stronger bond between management and employee.

It will also work as an assurance that the team is moving on the right path, which is very important to meet the goals.

So, as it seems, being a business leader has multiple layers to the job. However, it is not as complex as one may think of. All you need is to listen to your team, understand them, appreciate them for their work, work with them to solve problems and you will succeed as a leader, while your business flourishes.


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