As an entrepreneur, when you are trying to create your business from scratch, and have found something excessively simple yet unseen to the world, it is your sacred responsibility to yourself and the world to make your everyday productive. It is how you can help your fragile and precious business dream to grow, spread, and find the form that will change the world in a certain manner.

While on such a noble pursuit, an entrepreneur must make certain changes to his/her daily actions, to maintain focus on the goal, side-lining distractions.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

When you are starting your business career as an entrepreneur, each task and each assignment can appear increasingly important to get closer to the ‘big picture’. Although, focusing on what you believe in is a great idea that can even change the existing market perspective. However, it also brings the risk of causing tunnel vision, isolating all other possibilities of executing an assignment or reaching a goal. Therefore, as an entrepreneur you must practice control to pull yourself out of a decision or choice, or thought process, after a certain amount of time. Tracking and limiting time to each assignment for yourself can help you in achieving that.

Create Value in Work

Making workdays productive doesn’t mean working hard. An entrepreneur must never forget that they are not following the existing business manuscript, but making their own. Therefore, creating value in your work days decide whether your business idea will take the mantle of ‘World’s first’ or become another name in the crowd. Just as Albert Einstein said that ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’, an entrepreneur must use his/her existing knowledge base to imagine and innovate new ways to reach the goals. Being passionately curious and sacrificing a few distractions can also help you add value to your work, making your business ascension easy.

Do Not Procrastinate

Life of an entrepreneur can be challenging. You will have no battle tested business frame to follow and your ideas might seem illogical to your peers. In such a scenario, putting off work and important assignments may seem easier than finding the will to go on believing in your business dream. However, you have to understand and believe that the best time to act upon your ideas is now, because when you are delaying your work, someone else in a different hemisphere may be charging towards making good on the same dream. You have to understand that ‘nothing remains unique indefinitely!’.

To drive out procrastination, you can make subtle changes in your goal setting process. Breaking one huge and challenging assignment into multiple ones and setting multiple goals can work. It will keep you busy, and reaching smaller milestones in shorter time frames can help you build confidence, to make giant leaps.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Do not let anything distract you from your set (work) plans for the day. As an entrepreneur, you will have to handle a lot of things other than that which you have plans for. Therefore, it is easy to fall into a cycle of reactive action process (meaning: re-acting on current requirements). There is nothing wrong with it, however, you must make sure that your previously decided work plan doesn’t get dismantled by influx of new work.

You have to set aside time for your planned work and make sure that it is not side-tracked.

In Pursuit of Perfection

It is obvious that the vision you have in your mind of your business is pretty clear. And it is acceptable that you will go to great lengths to perfect your strategies and operations to get the expected outcome. However, in reality, that is quite challenging. As we have already said, being an entrepreneur and having a successful new business revolves around creating a new path to realize a new business idea. In obvious sense, this means that you won’t have a path to perfection, until you discover one.

But, if you spend time re-creating a strategy or a business process over and over again to achieve perfect result, you might end up losing vision of the ‘bigger picture’. Always remember that ‘knowledge comes from experience and perfection comes from knowledge’. Therefore, accepting non-perfect results from strategies or operations in favour of gaining experience and knowledge can ultimately help you perfect the ‘bigger picture’, which is your goal.

An entrepreneur to entrepreneur- ‘New ideas are hard to come by, fulfilling them is even harder. But it is what expected of you as an entrepreneur. So, think bold, over-reach, find the ‘why’ behind your business, make plans and circumvent problems to realize them. Everyday!’

That is how you can make your workdays most productive and reach the goals you are pursuing.


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