‘Change’ is undoubtedly the most amorphous idea that shapes each part of our life only to reshape it, again and again, leading us in pursuit of the finer hues of life. Passion, need or any other force behind the change in our lives, are mere tools helping us to do what we are hardwired to do, ‘change our life into something better’. However, we rarely see transitions in our lives as a simple, natural process. We make elaborate strategies, we set humongous goals, and we try to balance our previous lives while wading into unknown waters, making things more complicated.

We have heard the famous expression, ‘If you are not moving forward, you begin to move backwards’ because life itself is inching towards the future. So, transition in life should be as normal as it gets. But often, fear of losing gets us cornered! It is certainly a dilemma, considering the unforgiving disposition of our social structure. However, complicating the process by overthinking every step we take, will only make things difficult. Failure is a hard reality, but fear of failure that stops us from taking action is illogical and somewhat of self-sabotage. Therefore, it is wise to explore ways how transitions in life can be smooth and free of perplexity.

Use ‘why’ as an anchor


While introducing new changes in life, you would surely feel an urge to revert to the old and familiar life processes as soon as challenges arise. It is normal, and in no way does it reflect on your resolve to move forward. Identify these situations and recall the reasons why you decided to take the next step in your life. These ‘whys’ will act as an anchor, stabilising your commitment towards your new life choices and allow you to go through problems. Whether you are trying to go forward- from a learner to player to coach or from a student/employee to an entrepreneur, you surely have more than enough whys, justifying the change. You need to remember them while facing challenges. This will give you many opportunities to weigh in the issues and what you stand to gain after succeeding. The realisation derived from the contrast will keep you sharp and on the path to change.

Be calm in the face of new challenges

Surely you have chalked out a few scenarios of challenges that you are about to face during your transition. However, the reality may present a whole host of new challenges, never perceived. These new issues can agitate you and throw you off balance, which is not an ideal situation while you are making new choices in life. So, you have to remain calm in the face of the storm. Knowing and accepting- that new challenges are coming in your way can help you prepare. You also have to understand that getting agitated and making hasty decisions to get out of new problems during transition has never helped anyone. You have to believe that even mistakes during your transition in life can be a great learning experience, and remain calm to solve problems.

Look for Achievable goals

Goal setting is important to quantify growth and to plan next steps carefully. However, when you are taking first few steps through the transition in your life, you should look for achievable goals and not commendable ones. In business, making great leaps can bring exposure, more opportunity, and profit, but it also brings huge chances of failure. Moreover, frankly, preparing to leap without a clear idea of your surroundings is never a smart decision. So, do not try to burden yourself with the immense pressure of reaching complicated goals at the beginning of a transition in life. Try to enjoy the ride and learn everything you can about the new environment. It will serve as the right preparation you need to take future leaps.

Try to emulate not compare

New transitions in your life will be hard to handle if you compare and contrast yourself with others. The best thing would be to understand what has worked for others and try to use it in your case. Obviously, blind copying is not the right step forward. You have to carefully analyse your situation to figure out how you can use the knowledge you have learnt from others’ wins and failures. Always remember that at the beginning of a new transition, you are laying the foundation of a new life process, at that moment, too much comparing can de-stabilize your confidence and make things overly complicated.

Don’t shy away from asking help


Friends, colleagues, associates, whoever has a part in your life can be a great help in your growth through the transition. So, do not wait, hide, or hesitate about asking help from people. Remember that you are new at this, and being vulnerable is nothing to be ashamed of. It is one of the most natural stages of every individual going through change. And having someone to speak to about your challenges and shortcomings, can clear things up faster than trying to find a solution on your own.

Changes are great, we would not be here if not for saying yes to change! Always remember this and focus on the exciting parts of the change rather than the challenges. Everything has challenges, but to say yes to new things, is a courageous decision in its own right! So, go forward with confidence and believe in your plans, while keeping yourself open for new experiences to shape your strategies. 


Thoughts? Comments? Share them with me at @gyaneshc 

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