A successful man/woman is always goal centric. There are always objectives that continuously shape and reshape their approach and perspective. Reaching a goal offers a sense of success, but eventually, that feeling is overtaken by the urge of achieving even more. So, essentially a successful man/woman, lives the life of pursuit and continuous improvement.

In today’s practical lifestyle, the words ‘power to get what you want’ may sound a bit cliché, but it is easy to understand that being a leader, identifying opportunity, prioritizing work, and thinking out of the box is not enough anymore to reach ‘larger than life’ goals. To secure a phenomenal win, one needs something more, something like powers of persuasion.


Now, when we say ‘persuasion’ we do not mean manipulation or coercion. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a veteran business leader, the way to get what you want is through inspiring others. A successful career needs a lot of planning and support of co-workers. And just as Martin Luther King said, ‘I refuse to accept the idea that man cannot influence the unfolding events that surround him’, it is possible to persuade/inspire others to excel at reaching goals or targets.

How? Obviously through technique.

Build Confidence

Having a fascinating dream or career goal can propel you towards greater things in life. But, as your success depends on your co-workers and colleagues, you need more than dreams to get them in your corner. You will need confidence. Confidence in your own ideas would sound convincing only when they are backed by facts, and proof. A proper planning to be exact. There is absolutely no auto-pilot in reaching greatness in a career. You need to believe in your dream and have to have plans to follow through, it will help you to inspire your colleagues with your ideas and get you what you want.

Ask for What You Want

The first step to bend the world to your will, is asking for it. If you shy away from asking for something, how can you expect the result to work out in your favour? This is also the next step to inspire others to overachieve. Being articulate when asking something, giving vivid idea of the purpose of the job, and instilling the belief that the possibilities are limitless, only if the result is phenomenal, can help you to inspire others and getting what you want.


Connect with People

Intimidation and persuasion/inspiration are completely different from one another. Inspiring others to move ahead in your own career will provide support, while intimidation will erode the stability of your work position, affecting your growth. So, try getting to know your co-workers, resources and build interpersonal relationships with them. When you are strongly connected to your team, it is easy to inspire, and easier to achieve the desired result.

Power of Persuasion Can Be an Asset

As an entrepreneur or business leader, you must have a clear plan towards growth and continuous success. And in your journey from a guy with an idea to an entrepreneur extraordinaire, your ability as a leader will be tested. To come out of the struggle successfully, you would need skills like the power of persuasion. Inspiring others to grow and channel their expertise towards the right path can maximize their potential and bring best results.

Besides pursuing a dream and inspiring others to contribute for better and more than expected results, you also need to keep your feet firmly rooted in the reality. As a leader or business entrepreneur, you would need to make decisions. So, be informed about market growth, regardless of how disruptive or innovative your ideas are.

Having tenacity, tolerance of ambiguity, and the courage to break the conventional way of doing things, are also very much needed besides honing your power of persuasion. Remember, a successful career is like running a marathon. There are no short routes to success, you have to trust your decisions and continue moving forward till you get what you want.

All of this may not sound like the cake walk they pitch in the self-help seminars, but once you are ready to make the effort, everything will definitely fall in place. Polishing your skills of persuasion, which largely means inspiring people, can help you achieve success, and elevate your leadership qualities to the next level.

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